Fix-me CRM

CRM that helps the guys from fix-me to be fast and great in customer service.

What, how, when..

  • | smart device repair
  • CRM
  • PHP, Laravel 5.0, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, JS and jQuery, Plug-in Implementation
  • 6 weeks development
  • 10+ different operations
  • The CRM system which is used by Fix-me helps for their fast and effective work. Through it they can easily monitor the quantities of the parts that they have and to bring order to their customers, which ensures rapid service. Also, the application is adapted to work with technicians so the devices for repair can be allocated, this everything is organized and efficiency is increased at times. During the working process new elements are added to CRM which make the work of our friends from Fix-me easier and faster.

About Fix-me

IV Technology Ltd is a new company on the market, dealing mainly in services for mobile and smart devices. In our combined store and service for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets - FIX ME will find most suitable, fast and convenient way to fix the problems with your devices and to receive adequate advice and information on issues of your concern.