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We are trying to create the future by building services and apps for people all over the world. Our goal is to provide high quality services using cutting edge software platforms and frameworks. As we concentrate in developing web applications we are using PHP like base for our projects, more and more JavaScript, relational and non-relational databases (we like MongoDB a lot :) and we also have certified MongoDB developer). We are offering Long Time Support for every project we make regardless of time difference or any circumstances. So.. If you need somebody to take care of the IT part of your business and help you grow on the web just contact us and we will take care of your ideas.

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1000 Sofia
Mobile: 00359 89 574 1761 (General Manager)

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If you feel smart and ambitious we think you are the right person. We don't care if you do not have any experience all we want from you is to have a passion for growing and developing both professionally and as a person.

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